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My name is Kimberly Lori King and I’m a self-taught Visual Artist in Atlanta Georgia. In my acrylic works, I delve in to the realm of energy and auras, seeking to transcend the conventional boundaries of representation. Through vibrant hues and fluent brushwork, I strive to capture the ethereal essence surrounding each subject. The interplay becomes a conduit, translating emotions and energies onto the canvas allowing viewers to connect with the unseen forces that shape each individual and/or subject. My works are not merely depictions; they are vibrant manifestations of the intangible, inviting observers to explore the depths of emotion and energy within themselves and the portrayed subjects.



***Attention International Buyers: 
If interested in purchasing any art and or merch, shipping prices will vary depending on the country you live in. Please leave your name, email and items you are interested in so I can send you an invoice for shipping. Thank you***
P. 678.467.5993  |
Atlanta Georgia 30350

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