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"Connected" 24in by 30in Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas.
This painting represents a few things. This piece is derived from the book of Genesis in the Bible where man and woman were created by God. I thought it would be dope to illustrate a woman being developed from a man's rib. When later creating this piece I realized it could be seen in a different way. Since this painting is called "Connection" it could also be seen as the woman and man merging together as one as opposed to the original idea of the woman seperating from the man. This concept brings light to marriages and how many people feel once a couple is married that they are now ONE unit. It could also be seen on the opposite meaning of being CONNECTED, where the woman isn't being created from the man but she's seperating herself from the CONNECTION that they once had. Art will always be open to interpretation so all views of this piece are welcome.
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